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I am both an attorney and a counselor for my clients. I analyze the facts of your situation, usually during an in person interview. I review your documentation. I counsel my clients to take the best course of action to maximize their results.

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I negotiate on behalf of my clients. I investigate and obtain documentation of their claims and the facts surrounding their claims. I advocate on behalf of my clients, whether in private negotiations or in the courtroom. I can counsel you on how to obtain the best results.

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I am a licensed attorney with over 35 years of experience. My peers have given me the highest possible rating for legal competence and legal ethics.

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“I was introduced to Elizabeth Silverman by a friend of mine. When we met, she showed me immediately that she was concerned and she was the right divorce lawyer for the job. I appreciated her loyalty, her understanding, her patience but at the same time she was very strong. I would recommend her to anybody. My experience was GREAT. She’s a little fireball in the court room and that’s what’s needed.” - Edward Brown, Detroit.

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