“Elizabeth is as forthright and straightforward as any good attorney should be. Unlike a lot of lawyers she is empathetic and compassionate regarding her clients’ needs and is down to earth enough to communicate those qualities. I appreciated the speed and thoroughness with which she and her staff performed during the divorce between my wife and I. Elizabeth and her staff treated me fairly with truthfulness and professionalism.”

“In my opinion, Elizabeth Silverman is an exceptional, dynamic, intelligent, professional, compassionate and knowledgeable attorney. My legal experience with her as my advocate and counselor was excellent. She carried through with promises she made. She knows the law and how to use it effectively in her representation of her clients. I felt confident and reassured with her by my side. She held my hand and guided me at times that I felt helpless and hopeless. I have highly recommended her to my friends and family and they too have been more than satisfied with her counsel and representation. As you can see, I cannot praise this wonderful individual enough. She has been the best attorney I have worked with.”

“I am very pleased and proud to have Elizabeth A. Silverman as my attorney. She has represented me in litigation regarding commercial transactions and landlord/tenant matters. She successfully negotiated an insurance settlement on my behalf and has advised me on numerous other legal issues involving my business as well as personal matters. She is very easy to communicate with and instills confidence in her abilities.”

“As a father always trying to do what was in the best interest of my son, I continued for years to battle for more time with my child. Elizabeth helped me achieve my goals. It was very difficult because the State of Michigan doesn’t view the father of a child out of wedlock as having as many rights as the mother. However, with Elizabeth’s dedication and winning attitude I not only eventually won full custody of my son, but I also made a close relationship and bond with my attorney. Her honesty, professionalism, and knowledge of the law was not just helpful with my family, but outstanding to watch in court. Her warm and calming persona helped to keep a highly emotional time for me relaxed and in control. I can’t thank her enough for her hard work when other attorneys told me it wasn’t possible. Thank you Elizabeth.”

“Silverman has been my attorney for longer than ten years. Instead of boasting empty promises, she advocates for honesty and fairness; both hard to argue against. In court, she is magnificent. Elizabeth is determined to win your case by working with the judge and his court. Judges appreciate that Elizabeth offers the root cause of her case to the court in simple but very effective terms, which saves time. She is the attorney you really want on your side. Elizabeth is very intelligent, caring and professional on every level. In particular, she feels the greatest pain and concern for the real victims of every divorce, the children. She offers counseling for them as part of the divorce. Her rates are fair, but Elizabeth and Sandy deliver much more bang for your buck than most attorneys who charge the same. You can tell, I am very satisfied and I know you will be too. Elizabeth Silverman is a great attorney and her law firm has never let me down.”

The divorce procedure is one of the hardest things I have ever endured. Fortunately for me, I hired Elizabeth Silverman to represent me. Elizabeth’s ambition, professionalism and good hearted nature got me in the courtroom with my head held high on days when I just wanted to give up. When it was over I walked away with my dignity, self respect and a comfortable future planned for me and my family by Elizabeth and her tireless staff. Thank you Elizabeth and associates.