I have known Elizabeth for 10 years as she handled my divorce from start to finish in a very professional and comfortable manner. Both she and her excellent assistant, Sandy, made me feel at ease and were always available to answer any questions and to advise me as to any news or upcoming events. With all the jokes about lawyers that I have heard (and said) do not apply to this firm. I feel part of the family.

Ms. Silverman represented me in a very heated post judgment custody issue and obtained remarkable results. I am very thankful to her for helping me become more of a part of my daughter’s life.

Elizabeth Silverman has been my attorney on more than one occasion. Each time she was thorough and her presentation was well prepared and thought out. At other times she was there to just answer other legal questions I had on other issues not pertaining to cases. She’s been like family over the years-even get Christmas-birthday cards- She is a caring, down to earth person that we have enjoyed knowing for about the past 20 years THANK YOU ELIZABETH

A long time friend recommended Ms. Silverman to me. He and his family had utilized her expertise for many years. I met with her relative to a real estate problem I was having with a land contract on property we owned in Northern Michigan. Thanks to her efforts on my behalf, the situation was successfully and favorably resolved. Ms. Silverman handled all legal requirements in a very professional manner. Additionally, I found her to have an interesting sense of humor; an important characteristic unfortunately under-valued by many today.

I feel that Elizabeth Silverman has a great deal of honesty and integrity. She was relentless in the pursuit of my case. She fights like a tiger. She will represent you to the best of her ability.

When my marriage of 32 years ended abruptly, I was completely at a loss of how to proceed. I spoke with three different attorney, before I hired Elizabeth. From the first interview meeting though the entire divorce procedure, Elizabeth provided not only the best legal direction and representation for me, but her compassion & empathy helped me to remain sane through, what is at best, an awful process. She is direct, patient, kind, and in my opinion, very well suited to her profession. I would not hesitate to give her my highest recommendation.